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Mentorship and training that empowers teen moms to live independently

The Hope Center is here to encourage and equip moms in their teens and early twenties to overcome the unique challenges of adolescent parenthood. Through weekly one-on-one mentoring and workshops, we provide practical assistance to young moms as well as nurturing role models to guide and encourage them.

Lifeskills workshops

Weekly workshops are designed to equip young mothers with the skills they need to be loving, responsible parents and become independent adults. Our skilled volunteers provide hands-on training in sessions that are tailored to meet a teen’s specific developmental needs.

​​Individual mentoring

Each teen mom is paired with a mentor mom. These relationships, which deepen as trust builds, are the heart of the HOPEteen mom’s experience. Mentors act as role models and guides, encouraging and celebrating their young counterparts along the way.

Goal setting

Together, mentors and young moms set and track goals in four major areas: physical, financial, educational/professional, and personal. Small steps lead to big victories!

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How to get started

Taking a first step can be scary, but we’re here and ready to support you! We meet every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at The Hope Collective in Lake Zurich. Our group is open to teen moms, ages 13 through 23, who have courageously chosen to parent their child. Dinner and childcare is provided. If you’re interested in joining us or if you have questions, please feel free to email us using the link below.

Having support makes all the difference!

Being pregnant at a young age can feel completely overwhelming. Without support, teen pregnancy can lead to poor health, lower education, and poverty for the mom and her child.

The Hope Center in Lake Zurich has partnered with Teen Mother Choices, whose program is a proven pathway for young mothers to break the cycle of teen pregnancy, childhood adversity, and generational poverty.

In fact, 98% of moms in this program graduate from high school and 96% go on to college or job-skills training.

We welcome moms and their little ones with open arms and provide a safe, judgment-free space where they will receive guidance, mentorship, resources, training, and so much more.


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