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The Hope Center’s language classes are a welcoming place for adults from around the world to begin learning English or improve upon the skills they already have. We also help make sense of American culture, holidays, and slang, breaking down language barriers so our students can better communicate in the workplace and around town. Classes are compassionate, interactive, and fun.

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New students are given placement tests to help us determine their strengths and weaknesses and place them with students at a similar level. Workbooks and class materials are provided at no charge. Currently, we’re also offering a class designed specifically to meet the needs of students from Ukraine and Russia.

Did you know

In 2019, nearly 66 million people in the US reported speaking a non-English language at home, of which approximately 4 out of 10 reported limited English proficiency. Households speaking a language other than English have more than doubled since 1990 and almost tripled since 1980.

According to 2000 Census data, among those who spoke another language than English at home, employment, work status, and earnings varied directly with their ability to speak English. Those with the lowest English speaking
ability had the lowest employment rate, lowest rate of full-time employment, and lowest median earnings.

Children in non-English-primary-language households more often had no usual source of medical care (38% vs 13%), made no medical (27% vs 12%) or preventive dental (14% vs 6%) visits in the previous year, and had problems obtaining specialty care (40% vs 23%).


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