Team Lead Information

Thank you immensely for your leadership! Your dedication is truly invaluable to The Hope Center. 


You will receive a monthly email asking for updates on where you have witnessed God working in your service area during the previous month. These updates will be shared with the Hope Center Board members.


Please keep all receipts for any personal purchases related to your service area. Submit these receipts to Donna Riemer for reimbursement processing.


Occasionally, you might need to reach out to one of our team leads for inquiries or to refer a guest. Please click HERE to access and download the most up-to-date contact list of the Hope Center Team


Volunteer Lists

The Hope Center keeps records of service area volunteers and will request updates on a quarterly basis to ensure we stay current. Kindly provide your updated volunteer lists promptly when requested.

Hope Center “Serve” Form

When a potential volunteer submits the “Serve” form on the Hope Center or Hope Collective websites, you’ll receive an email notification from Polly with their contact details. Promptly respond to them, offering insights into possible service roles. If they wish to join your team, guide them through Volunteer Onboarding process (see below). If no current openings exist in your area, please express gratitude. Timely communication is vital for a positive volunteer experience and advancing our mission.


All Hope Center volunteers are required to:

      • sign a Confidentiality Agreement
      • submit to a Background Check (must be done through Hope Center or Hope Collective – no outside organizations)
      • complete the Illinois Mandated Reporter Training and provide certificate of completion if you will be serving in Hope Legal, Hope Accessibility, Hope Foster, TMC, Thrive, Hope Refuge or Childcare.

The Hope Center Volunteer Onboarding Form will walk each volunteer through the necessary steps.

This is a 2-step Process (or 4-step for those requiring completion of the Illinois Mandated Reporter Training.

      • Step 1 – Volunteers should go to the Volunteer Onboarding form or scan the QR Code (see end of this document for all QR Codes) to complete the Volunteer Onboarding form, which includes signing the Confidentiality Agreement
      • Step 2 –  After submitting the form, volunteers will receive an email containing a link to fill out the Background Check Registration form. It’s important to note that background checks must be conducted through either Hope Collective or the Hope Center, rather than an external organization. DO NOT MISS THIS STEP. Check your “SPAM” folder if you do not get this email. Additionally, the email will include two separate links for completing Steps 3 and 4, specifically for individuals who need to take the Mandated Reporter Training.

Mandated Reporter Training

Mandated Reporter Training is required for volunteers serving in the following service areas: Hope Legal, Hope Accessibility, Hope Foster, TMC, Thrive, Hope Refuge and any Childcare worker.



The Hope Center utilizes Notebird, an app for tracking and managing guest interactions. As a Service Team lead, it’s crucial to log all your interactions with our guests into Notebird. This ensures that you and other service area leads are aware of each guest’s background, needs, and specific touch points, allowing for consistent and personalized care. You can find Notebird at and easily save it to your mobile device’s home screen. Remember to maintain strict privacy and confidentiality when using Notebird. If you need access or have any questions about the app, feel free to contact Polly Toeller at

Resources For Guest Referrals

The Hope Center has a dedicated webpage designed for our intake team and service team leads to access Hope Center approved resources for guest referrals. This link is strictly for our use only. Please do not share the link with our guests. Resource Directory


Event Request Submission:

An Event Request form must be submitted and approved for meetings or events that will take place at the Hope Collective or the Hope Center to ensure the smooth organization of meetings and events.

** Event Request must be submitted at least 6-8 weeks in advance to secure your preferred date.**

Event Approval Process:

Depending on the event, approval notification could take a week to 10 days.